Multilane Auto feeding system with Stacker, Autoloader, Primary packing machine and Secondary pack System

  • Unipack provide complete Auto feeding system with Stacker, auto loader, Primary wrapping machinery and Secondary pack system.
  • Stackers available with changeover facility for multiple products with auto aligning system.
  • Autoloader available with changeover facility for predefine multiple product handling.
  • HFW machine with multiline auto feeder available for dry biscuit in pile pack or jumbo pack style with metering and line diverting system. For lower investment we will provide you system with combo machine that includes one pile and one jumbo pack machine with same feeding system.
  • HFW secondary pack machine for overwrapping pack be available.
Auto Feeding System

Standard Feature of Auto feeding System

  1.  High speed, high efficiency, stable and simple operation, low breakdown, easy maintenance.
  2.  Flexible packing machine with on the fly line changeover to address if any upstream online machine is down.
  3.  Flexibility to change the number of lanes delivering biscuits to various auto feeders.
  4.  On the fly adjustment of Stack lengths.
  5.  Lane bypassing facilities available.
  6.  High accuracy photoelectric tracking system.
  7.  Date printer, automatic punching device, Nitrogen filling device provision.
  8.  High ground clearance for easy cleaning.
  9.  Stainless steel guard and cover.
  10.  Transparent guard with safety interlocks.
  11.  Easy and fast change over facility.
  12.  Easy trouble shooting by Touch screen HMI.
  13.  24x7 support by expert team.
  14.  Less power consumption.

Optional Feature of Auto feeding System

  1.  Fixed and Auto aligning type stacker available.
  2.  Fully servo controlled model available.
  3.  No Product-No reel Facilities available.
  4.  Less biscuit (one or two biscuit) sensing and reject withGauging system.
  5.  Stainless steel version can be available.
  6.  Auto sensing and rejection of Empty and Joint Packet.
  7.  Automatic wrapping reel splicer.
  8.  Auto web alignment available.
  9.  Auto rejection of Spliced packet rejection.